About Us

We are a design studio of architecture and landscaping with the main office located in Canary Island. One of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, where many of our projects and recognition are located, which have catapulted us to an international expansion of success.

The responsible and founder architect, Juan Carlos Piñeiro, has more than 30 years of experience in the design and construction of Hotels, Residential development, Luxury Villas and Masterplan. The studio combines the experience of a renowned architect supported by an experienced work team, with the illusion of young people in expansion, led by the architect Irma Piñeiro who, with exquisite training and avant-garde vision, endow the studio with an approach that combines to perfection the experience with the innovation, the classic with the avant-garde design, the traditional with the modern…

Each project is the result of a process of understanding the needs of the client and the application of talent, creativity and accumulated experience to get the best result.

Arquiestudio JCP – Juan Carlos Piñeiro, Irma Piñeiro


  • Viability Project

  • Preliminary Project and Basic Project

  • Executive Project

  • Interior Design Project

  • Construcction Management

  • Masterplan

Global Services

We offer global services, having developed projects in Europe, Africa and America.


Our portfolio mainly includes design and execution of hotel spaces, located in places whose surroundings are idyllic by nature.


Each project has represented a challenge to maintain the beauty of the environment, creating spaces where it is enhanced through our architecture and respecting the maximum the environment.


Our Team

We have a specialized team for each area. Its multidisciplinary nature allows the optimization of working times and guarantees continuous service during all phases and areas of the project

Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers by giving them our highest quality, professionalism and productivity. We are demanding and we get fully involved in every detail.


Juan Carlos Piñeiro – Irma Piñero Architects

Architecture as an experience.

Our ideas are very strong and manage to stand out for their excellence and for a very attractive concept that shapes everything. We are able to create great hotels with incredible designs capturing the essence of a place, giving users comfort and relaxation from the first moment. This is what our hotel projects consist of: being unique and special there where they are.

Priorities when designing a hotel

Space as an experience – Exclusiveness – Comfort – Innovation and Technology – Landscaping – Design into detail – Detailed work managenent

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Arquiestudio JCP – Juan Carlos Piñeiro, Irma Piñeiro
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